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If looks could kill

I’d be dead. Deader than dead. Deader than the deadest of the dearly departed, and Thimble Cat would be up for murder.

A bit of background… Thimble Cat has several small quilts that I exchange regularly (about every three days) on his chair. It is the only place in the whole house where he will sleep. Just as well, because I am extremely allergic to cats – how I ended up owning a cat is a tale for another day – and him sleeping in one spot is great for keeping the house fur free.  He even has his own little wicker laundry basket right outside the back door. Anyhoo, because the little quilts get laundered so often, I have to make a new one every now and again.

Which is what brings us to the hostilities between me and the furball. I finished his latest quilt on Saturday, and when I put it on his chair, he refused to get on it. He just sat in front of the chair, looking at me as if to say: What is that?!

The quilt is still on his chair, and Thimble Cat hasn’t been on his chair since Saturday. I get plenty of lethal looks, but I’m not giving in. Not today. Not tomorrow. Well. Maybe. He’s so damn cute. Cuteness will probably win.

Cat Quilt #19

Bright printed fabric  pieces are leftovers of some long ago (I think 2003) project,  Moda Marbles, and polyester batting. (Quilted in the ditch.)

(The purple block in the third row looks like it’s puckered, but it is just unfortunate  coloring in the fabric. The purple block in the left hand corner – that’s not the fabric. *sigh* I’ve never used batting this thick, so I suppose I should be happy that there is only one pucker. Right?)

The back:

Till next time,

Miss Thimble



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Finish and a half

Here is my Cheerful Cherries all done! No fancy quilting here, just diagonal lines, which I thought/still think goes well with the design.

The Tumbler top is done…

If you paid close attention, you will have noticed that both quilts have a ‘mistake’ in them. They aren’t mistakes, however – the two similarly patterned blocks on the bottom right of the Cherries quilt and top right hand on the Tumbler will have an initial appliqued to one of the blocks.

Even when one knows that the blocks are supposed to be like that, it still feels weird to consciously make a ‘mistake’. In case you’re wondering – I don’t usually put initials on quilts. The Cherries is for my sister, and the Tumbler for her soon-to-be husband for Christmas. While assembling the Tumblers, I decided to give this to any-day-now Thimble Brother-In-Law. Yep, Christmas is sneaking up on us!

Till next time,

Miss Thimble

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