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Busy weekend ahead

Exactly what the title says – this is going to be a busy weekend here at Casa Thimble! (Busy, but fun!)

Remember the Tumbler quilt top I made a while ago? I wanted to do a simple brown backing, but then thought that it might be too bland and boring. Luckily, I managed to snag 2 yards of Pure Cocoa Argyle after searching online long and hard, so over the weekend the plan is to quilt and bind this.

At the moment I am busy squaring up the Gnome paper pieced blocks. I love paper piecing, but the down side of paper piecing by hand, is unpicking all the threads and digging out the paper pieces. It seems to take forever, and it’s  no fun. At all.

The blocks (when made to a T) are supposed to be 4″ x 8″ when done, but because I wanted 7″ x 7 ” blocks, I used larger pieces of fabric for the background. That means a lot of cutting and snipping. I’ve only neatened the bottoms thus far, but decided to blog first, and cut later. (Sounds like an ad… Blog First! Cut Later!)

Other things on my To Do list for the weekend:

* Write Christmas Cards (I always write them last weekend in November)

* Work on Home For Christmas. (Pieces already ironed on)

Time for me to get back to cutting and measuring! Wishing you a fantastic weekend, with at least a few hours of sewing fun squeezed in.

Till next time,

Miss Thimble.



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Finish and a half

Here is my Cheerful Cherries all done! No fancy quilting here, just diagonal lines, which I thought/still think goes well with the design.

The Tumbler top is done…

If you paid close attention, you will have noticed that both quilts have a ‘mistake’ in them. They aren’t mistakes, however – the two similarly patterned blocks on the bottom right of the Cherries quilt and top right hand on the Tumbler will have an initial appliqued to one of the blocks.

Even when one knows that the blocks are supposed to be like that, it still feels weird to consciously make a ‘mistake’. In case you’re wondering – I don’t usually put initials on quilts. The Cherries is for my sister, and the Tumbler for her soon-to-be husband for Christmas. While assembling the Tumblers, I decided to give this to any-day-now Thimble Brother-In-Law. Yep, Christmas is sneaking up on us!

Till next time,

Miss Thimble

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Tumbling along

This post over at Sweet P Quilting reminded me that I have a stack of Tumblers that needed to be made into a quilt top. When cutting them a while back, I thought that a nice chocolate brown fabric border will show the edges of the tumblers nicely. So, I bought and pre-washed the fabric , and then put it with the Tumblers that I can cut it  and start a.s.a.p.

Hah! A.s.a.p… Famous last words. Anyway, after reading the post, I got out the fabric and blocks that very same day and got to work the next day.  (Thanks for the reminder and inspiration, Sweet P Quilting!!!) So far I have only made the blocks into strips, but will be joining the strips together tomorrow and finish that baby.

I used 3 Sweetwater ‘Pure’ charm packs for the Tumblers.

Strips all done, waiting to be joined. (This pic shows only the bottom strips, but what do you think? Choc fabric too much?)

Till next time,

Miss Thimble

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Back in 5 minutes…

You know when you get to a shop, and on the door is a hastily scribbled note announcing that he/she will Be back in 5 minutes? Inevitably, it is never just 5 minutes, because if he/she was in the habit of going to grab a coffee, or pick up the newspaper every so often, there would be a neatly printed sign announcing their 5 minute absence.  (You can just as well pitch a tent to make the wait more comfortable, because nowhere on that note does it state when the mysterious 5 minutes started, or when it will be over.)

That hand scribbled note can just as well say: Something popped up and who knows when I’ll be back.

That’s what happened with this blog. I was hoping that by now it would be up and nicely moving along, but it took just one call from a frantic friend breathlessly stating that she doesn’t have enough sewn items for the stall she booked at a local market to throw a sizeable spanner in the works. Enter chaos. Enter days of making tote bags, coin purses, pencil cases, pin cushions, and even a few sets of earrings.

Said frantic friend picked up the last of the items last night, and all is (relatively) quiet at Casa Thimble again. Great. I love quiet. Quiet means I can start a new quilt today!

I’ll leave you with a (crappy phone) photo of the quilt top I finished end of August. This week I’ll quilt it and finish it up. I call this one Cheerful Cherries, and it was made using 3 Mary Engelbreit ‘Recipe for Friendship’ charm packs.

Till next time,

Miss Thimble


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