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A quick make

The Tumbler quilt top is finished, but seeing as Thimble Cat has no hands, and isn’t very tall, I have no-one to hold the quilt top up that I can take a decent photo. Ditto for the Cheerful Cherries quilt that is done and dusted. (Tomorrow I will cajole a friend coming over for lunch to help me.) Feed ’em and then make ’em work, that’s what I say!

Earlier this year I bought this book by Cath Kidston. As always, I read it as soon as I got home, stuck a gajillion Post-It notes all over the projects I want to do, and then ended up only doing the first project months later.¬† Today was that momentous day… I made a bag!

The book came with pre-cut fabric, buttons and even a label to make the bag on the front cover. True to form once again, I opted to use different fabric, and changed a few things. First of all, I used¬† medium iron-on interfacing to give the bag and strap a more defined look. Then I added a lining to make it look neat inside, as well as cutting the strap pieces twice ( a bit more, actually) the given length, because I wanted a cross-body bag. Lastly, I didn’t make the button holes on the ends of the strap. Instead, I attached the strap directly to the bag, adding mother-of-pearl buttons on top.

Please ignore the wrinkled lining – it was a b*stard to pull/flip/cajole the sturdy outer shell through the opening in the lining!



Nice looong strap!

Till next time,

Miss Thimble



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