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Busy weekend ahead

Exactly what the title says – this is going to be a busy weekend here at Casa Thimble! (Busy, but fun!)

Remember the Tumbler quilt top I made a while ago? I wanted to do a simple brown backing, but then thought that it might be too bland and boring. Luckily, I managed to snag 2 yards of Pure Cocoa Argyle after searching online long and hard, so over the weekend the plan is to quilt and bind this.

At the moment I am busy squaring up the Gnome paper pieced blocks. I love paper piecing, but the down side of paper piecing by hand, is unpicking all the threads and digging out the paper pieces. It seems to take forever, and it’s  no fun. At all.

The blocks (when made to a T) are supposed to be 4″ x 8″ when done, but because I wanted 7″ x 7 ” blocks, I used larger pieces of fabric for the background. That means a lot of cutting and snipping. I’ve only neatened the bottoms thus far, but decided to blog first, and cut later. (Sounds like an ad… Blog First! Cut Later!)

Other things on my To Do list for the weekend:

* Write Christmas Cards (I always write them last weekend in November)

* Work on Home For Christmas. (Pieces already ironed on)

Time for me to get back to cutting and measuring! Wishing you a fantastic weekend, with at least a few hours of sewing fun squeezed in.

Till next time,

Miss Thimble.



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FNSI – Update

A quick update on my first FNSI!

Well, my first Sew-In was a success.  All the stitching on the Home For Christmas piece is done. I already had the first applique pieces pinned, and would have ironed them on when disaster struck. If you are squeamish, skip the rest of this paragraph. As I was taking the iron off the shelf, it slid, and in my attempt to catch it managed to rip the nail on my left index finger off. I suppose it goes without saying that there was a lot of blood… Just as it goes without saying that it hurt like a mofo…  No surprise of course, that I used Language. A lot of Language. It still hurts and throbs like damnation, but it doesn’t matter – it will be healed before I know it. It will. Won’t it? (Please say ‘yes’.)

Shaky (therefore blurry) one-handed photo, with pins still where they were before The Incident.

Till next time,

Miss Thimble


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Home For Christmas (and FNSI)

Anni Downs (Hatched and Patched) always comes up with the greatest designs. I should know. I stalk her blog I read her blog religiously, and own a few (hello, understatement) of her designs.  Not being brave enough to tackle her larger designs (like quilts), her smaller designs are perfect for me. They are also a great way for novices to get into the combination of applique/stitching.

It’s been quite a while since I made one of her delightful projects. Yesterday I decided to remedy that, and started working on Home For Christmas. (It’s one of her free designs.)

Not that I got all that far with it. I traced and transferred the design, and finished cutting the applique pieces. I won’t have time today to work on it, so I decided to join the folks over at the Friday Night Sew-In to work on it tonight.

 The colors of the applique pieces isn’t what you’d call my first choice, but it’s what I had on hand without digging through stacks of fabric.

Not much going on here, but traced and started.

Wish me luck with my first Sew-In!

Till next time,

Miss Thimble


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