“The hunt is on!” Winner

Thank you so much to everyone that posted on the sewing machine thread. Everyone touched on things I had thought of, as well as things I didn’t. If you just want to know who won the $25 voucher, skip to the bottom of the post – otherwise, just keep reading and we’ll get to the winner that way too.


The large harp space and needle down function is something I have on my sewing machine wishlist too. I never even thought of Juki machines. Made a note of that!


Good to know that the feet can be interchanged between Janomes. A separate bobbin winder is something I didn’t think of – in fact, didn’t even know existed! A fact that ended up on my wishlist. The Janome Yahoo group is something that makes another case for having a closer look at Janomes.


Needle down is something else on my wishlist. Thanks for mentioning the blanket stitch. I’m so used to doing that by hand, that I didn’t even think of that! Now I want blanket stitch! Like you, I also prefer a machine that is simple to operate and use, but it seems that nowadays all machines need a Degree to operate.


Never thought of Kenmore! Good to know about the front-load bobbin as opposed to the drop-in bobbin. I’ve never done FMQ on my Singer, because it was just too much of a hassle to get decent tension. The dreaded thread bunnies… – something to pay close attention to when shopping for a new machine. The Singer never had any problem with that, so didn’t  think of checking for that.


Never thought of Babylock either! I’ve secretly been wanting a machine that will (or rather have the capability to) do some embroidery. Nothing fancy, but at least some.


I have heard that Janomes keep going and going! Good to hear that confirmed from a former dealer. The Gammill is tempting – but I have no space for one. Even though I have the place to myself, I’m trying to keep the whole house from turning into a craft space.  Again, another 6500 owner praising the interchangeable feet.

Thank you, ladies – for your advice, and for taking the time to help. Now for the winner! Our friend Mr Random says the lucky gal is:


Congratulations, Cyn! I will be emailing you shortly.

Till next time,

Miss Thimble



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3 responses to ““The hunt is on!” Winner

  1. Are you still doing the mystery quilt? I tried to find your post about it but couldn’t. But, after reading your post I decided to take the plunge. Thanks so much for mentioning the mystery. I’ve never done one and am really enjoying the ride.

    • I would love to be able to take credit for mentioning the mystery quilt and getting you started on one… – but I didn’t mention it, nor am I doing one. Now YOU got ME interested in doing one next year… 🙂
      The only mystery in this house is where Thimble Cat disappears to when he’s not on his chair! lol

  2. OMWord! I am sew surprised to win! Thank you so much, Miss Thimble. Good luck with your sewing machine purchase… I hope you find just the one you want/need at a price that is decent.

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