Home For Christmas (and FNSI)

Anni Downs (Hatched and Patched) always comes up with the greatest designs. I should know. I stalk her blog I read her blog religiously, and own a few (hello, understatement) of her designs.  Not being brave enough to tackle her larger designs (like quilts), her smaller designs are perfect for me. They are also a great way for novices to get into the combination of applique/stitching.

It’s been quite a while since I made one of her delightful projects. Yesterday I decided to remedy that, and started working on Home For Christmas. (It’s one of her free designs.)

Not that I got all that far with it. I traced and transferred the design, and finished cutting the applique pieces. I won’t have time today to work on it, so I decided to join the folks over at the Friday Night Sew-In to work on it tonight.

 The colors of the applique pieces isn’t what you’d call my first choice, but it’s what I had on hand without digging through stacks of fabric.

Not much going on here, but traced and started.

Wish me luck with my first Sew-In!

Till next time,

Miss Thimble


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2 responses to “Home For Christmas (and FNSI)

  1. I want to make this one too! Maybe I can get around to it after Christmas! LOL

  2. Have fun at the FNSi. Applique and stitching are so therapeutic.

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