Logs, no Cabin

I’ve had this stack of fabric for about two years, not knowing what I wanted to do with it (block wise). The ‘washed and worn’ look really appealed to me, and I thought it would look great in the beach house.

Not wanting anything fancy, I eventually decided on a simple Log Cabin type block. Probably this block has a name out there in the quilting world… – not knowing what that name is, I’m calling it ‘Logs, no Cabin’.

So far I’ve  made these:

47 more to go, but they are a quick (and fun) make.

The binding is finished as well, so at least that tedious job is over and done with.

How do you store your binding? Or, do you make the binding just before you actually stitch the binding on? I make binding as soon as I can after starting a new quilt, because even though I love attaching binding, I hate the actual making. That means that I have a lot of binding to try and find a spot for.

Till next time,

Miss Thimble

P.S: After chatting to a friend and complaining long and hard about ungrateful cats, she mentioned that the polyester batting may have an oily type of smell that Thimble Cat didn’t like. Okay – as I have never worked with polyester batting before, I didn’t give the faint smell a second thought. If Thimble Cat still refuses to use the quilt after it’s been laundered, then I suppose it wasn’t the smell…


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7 responses to “Logs, no Cabin

  1. I love the “log cabin” block and the colors are soothing.

  2. Deb

    I love Logs, no Cabin! I’ve been seeing a lot of low-volume quilts around the web and like the calm, serene look. I hope to try one next year. Interesting about the smell of the poly batting!

  3. Your blocks are so pretty! Thanks for your comment on my star blocks. I couldn’t reply to the comment directly because you’re a no-reply blogger.

  4. I love your NO Cabin Logs! Nifty and fitting.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    /; -)

  5. Your blocks have such pretty and soothing colors. Seems perfect for a beach house. I have a little drawer of leftover binding that I use for scrap quilts. If I have it ready ahead of time to go with a specific quilt I usually roll it and put it in a baggie to clip to the quilt until it is ready to be sewn on.

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