Finish and a half

Here is my Cheerful Cherries all done! No fancy quilting here, just diagonal lines, which I thought/still think goes well with the design.

The Tumbler top is done…

If you paid close attention, you will have noticed that both quilts have a ‘mistake’ in them. They aren’t mistakes, however – the two similarly patterned blocks on the bottom right of the Cherries quilt and top right hand on the Tumbler will have an initial appliqued to one of the blocks.

Even when one knows that the blocks are supposed to be like that, it still feels weird to consciously make a ‘mistake’. In case you’re wondering – I don’t usually put initials on quilts. The Cherries is for my sister, and the Tumbler for her soon-to-be husband for Christmas. While assembling the Tumblers, I decided to give this to any-day-now Thimble Brother-In-Law. Yep, Christmas is sneaking up on us!

Till next time,

Miss Thimble

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One response to “Finish and a half

  1. Your quilt looks wonderful, and your tumbler topper is so pretty in those colors! :0)

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