Tumbling along

This post over at Sweet P Quilting reminded me that I have a stack of Tumblers that needed to be made into a quilt top. When cutting them a while back, I thought that a nice chocolate brown fabric border will show the edges of the tumblers nicely. So, I bought and pre-washed the fabric , and then put it with the Tumblers that I can cut it  and start a.s.a.p.

Hah! A.s.a.p… Famous last words. Anyway, after reading the post, I got out the fabric and blocks that very same day and got to work the next day.  (Thanks for the reminder and inspiration, Sweet P Quilting!!!) So far I have only made the blocks into strips, but will be joining the strips together tomorrow and finish that baby.

I used 3 Sweetwater ‘Pure’ charm packs for the Tumblers.

Strips all done, waiting to be joined. (This pic shows only the bottom strips, but what do you think? Choc fabric too much?)

Till next time,

Miss Thimble

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