Back in 5 minutes…

You know when you get to a shop, and on the door is a hastily scribbled note announcing that he/she will Be back in 5 minutes? Inevitably, it is never just 5 minutes, because if he/she was in the habit of going to grab a coffee, or pick up the newspaper every so often, there would be a neatly printed sign announcing their 5 minute absence.  (You can just as well pitch a tent to make the wait more comfortable, because nowhere on that note does it state when the mysterious 5 minutes started, or when it will be over.)

That hand scribbled note can just as well say: Something popped up and who knows when I’ll be back.

That’s what happened with this blog. I was hoping that by now it would be up and nicely moving along, but it took just one call from a frantic friend breathlessly stating that she doesn’t have enough sewn items for the stall she booked at a local market to throw a sizeable spanner in the works. Enter chaos. Enter days of making tote bags, coin purses, pencil cases, pin cushions, and even a few sets of earrings.

Said frantic friend picked up the last of the items last night, and all is (relatively) quiet at Casa Thimble again. Great. I love quiet. Quiet means I can start a new quilt today!

I’ll leave you with a (crappy phone) photo of the quilt top I finished end of August. This week I’ll quilt it and finish it up. I call this one Cheerful Cherries, and it was made using 3 Mary Engelbreit ‘Recipe for Friendship’ charm packs.

Till next time,

Miss Thimble


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2 responses to “Back in 5 minutes…

  1. Great use of your ME charms packs. Love the grouping of the colours together. I always get stuck with what to do with charm packs. Lovely!

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